BCaching 0.9.1

A minor update to the site today.
– Simplified sign up process and added Geocaching Cacher ID to profile page
– Corrected coordinates were not used in mobile “Nearest” view, not being shown on desktop or mobile maps, or when downloaded as GPX or to Garmin device
– UI tweaks on desktop map for IE
– Send to Garmin device was not honoring the max count

4 comments so far

  1. Peter Saulesleja on

    Entering geocaching ID didn’t work for my accout. Tried a few times, pasting, typing, checking for extra spaces…. No luck.
    My account has 6 numberic digits.

  2. Mrspacklecrisp on

    Same as Peter, I can’t sync my member id as it is considered ‘invalid’ by bcaching. It’s 7 digits long.

  3. susan goodman on

    My i.d. doesn’t work either, 7 digits

  4. mark on

    Make sure the member ID is all digits and there are no spaces before or after the digits.

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