Geocaching API is Live

In case you haven’t seen the forums, bcaching is now using the Geocaching Live! API to automatically download pocket queries from your geocaching account.

In order to activate this feature, you must authorize bcaching to access your Geocaching account. To get started, go to the bcaching profile page, then next to “Geocaching Account”, click authorize. Click Authorize again on the geocaching page, and you will be redirected back to your bcaching profile page where it should indicate that you have authorized your account.

Then, go to the upload pocket queries page. There will be a new button at the top named “Download”. Use this to download all new available pocket queries from your geocaching account. The first time you use it, all available pocket queries will be downloaded and processed, even if they have been uploaded manually before. The next time you use it, only new pocket queries and those that have been created since the last download will be included.

In addition, if you set up your pocket queries to send “pocket query generated” notifications to your bcaching autogpx email address, whenever a notification email is received, it will trigger the downloads automatically.

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