BCaching 0.9

The latest bcaching release 0.9 is now live. There were quite a lot of internal changes but the appearance and behavior of the site should be very similar to before.

Although I did my best to test all aspects of the site to make sure nothing was broken, there were a LOT of changes so there is a higher probably than usual that I missed something. Please be on the lookout for any issues and post details on the forums as soon as possible.

This was the 2nd major overhaul in data organization. The last one was a little over a year ago when we migrated from a relational MySql database to the document-based MongoDB. At the time, many relational concepts were carried over instead of taking full advantage of a document structure.

I also took the opportunity to make some other wish-list changes. One of which was the need for all users to be associated with a geocaching.com cacherid. This was because all user-related data on the site was tied to a cacherid. With the reorganization, user-related data is tied to the internal bcaching userid. In the future, that will allow new users to take advantage of the site without necessarily being geocaching users.

I’m also experimenting with showing Munzee data mixed with geocaches on the desktop and mobile maps. This is a work in progress, but if you want to take a look you can enable this feature on your profile page.

Stay tuned.


6 comments so far

  1. Gnj78 on

    My finds are now showing up as if I have not found. I use blackstar app on bb and it has been working right for past 2 years. Has something changed?

    • mark on

      Yes, there was a fairly major release last week. There were a lot of internal changes and restructuring of data which could certainly be the cause of this. I will look into it. You may wish to post any additional details in the forums under Technical Support.

  2. Peremptor on

    I don’t get it. I’ve got pocket queries on geocaching.com. Why would I want my pocket queries on another homepage? I get a mail once a week with my gpx file this I save on my mobile and off I go. Why would I want a step between this? Just delete my account please, as I saw no other way to contact someone.

    • mark on

      Your account is deleted. The idea with bcaching is that once you’ve set up your automatic pocket queries, you can forget about them. You don’t need to save one or more gpx files anywhere. All the cache data is “always there” in your mobile web browser or in one of the mobile apps that sync with bcaching. You can read more on the http://www.bcaching.com/forums/.

  3. comgk77 on

    Why cant I login to the forums anymore?
    I have a technical support issue with the forwarding email from GC

  4. mark on

    Sorry about the forums login problem. we’ll look into it;
    The email forwarding issue has been identified and resolved. However it is now catching up on several thousand emails from the past week.

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