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Mobile Paperless Caching is up and open. If you have internet access on your mobile phone and you are a premium member at, you can start using BCaching for free to view mobile-optimized cache pages. You’ll still need a separate GPS for navigation, but you’ll have access to complete descriptions, hints, and logs in the field and can even keep track of your finds.

Reprinted from the forum:

I’d Rather Be Caching

BCaching is a free service intended to make caching with a mobile Internet-connected phone easier. No more printing out cache pages, no loading your paperless device with the latest updates, no loading field notes from your device back to the computer. Less work, more fun.

Supported Devices
The intent is for BCaching to work with any mobile phone that has a modern browser and an Internet access data plan. Although we do our best to limit the size of the data transfers needed for most pages, we highly recommend an unlimited data plan with your mobile phone provider to avoid the risk of excessive fees from overuse of limited data allowances.

The application has had the most field testing with a Blackberry Pearl 8130 on the Verizon Wireless network but some basic testing has also been done with an emulator for the OpenWave Browser that is used on many Smartphones. It should also work on Windows Mobile and iPhone devices.

Surprise! There is nothing to install. The entire application is browser-based. You simply navigate from page to page using the Internet browser on your mobile phone.

There are also components of the application that require a desktop browser such as loading Pocket Queries from and downloading field notes for uploading back to

Getting Started
The first thing you must do after registering on BCaching is upload your first “My Finds” pocket query. This will link your BCaching login with your Geocaching handle. Your BCaching login can be linked to one and only one Geocaching handle. After your accounts are linked you can upload additional pocket queries for the areas in which you plan to cache. Uploaded data is only available for 30 days to prevent it from getting out of date so you must upload pocket queries on a regular basis. To make this easier, you can have your pocket queries sent directly from to your BCaching account via your personalized BCaching email address. You can also forward pocket queries from your own email account.

Why is it FREE?
All the best things in life are free. This may not be one of the best things, but it’s a good thing. The web-based version of the site will always be free for users to get access to their pocket queries in the field.