I’m a software developer by trade, but spend as much free time as possible going geocaching or working on www.bcaching.com, a free paperless caching tool for any internet-connected mobile phone.

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  1. Yawppy on

    Love the blog, lots of great info. Will be looking forward to the next blog! Just curious as to how the Bcaching.com site will work out. I have an Iphone. Which has a lot of apps, my wife has a motorola razr, so maybe she could make use of it, will let you know how it goes.

    K TY for the blog, never have I spent so much time on a pc, I blame it on geocahcing, your page definatly sent me on a journey tonight,(a 4 hour journey!) perhaps, just maybe now I can begin to tackle a few “?” caches! I love to put them out, but am terrible at solving them, mainly when I do, I loose the CORDS, and then have to start over! My fault there!

    But looks like I have found some great tools , and I love gizmo stuff, will check back , looks like I have some catching up to do, looks like a relativitly new blog, probably why it has not hit the g-caching forums, I may have to post this there, if you are okay with it, lots of good stuff , well let me know.

    K Take care.

    Happy Caching!

  2. Sharon Byers on

    I can’t seem to navigate! I got the 20 nearest caches on my Blackberry, but where I select one there’s no -navigate to…- option.

  3. mark on

    Are you talking about blackstar or the bcaching web interface? In blackstar, click the waypoint to get the popup menu then select “Set as destination”. In bcaching web, there is currently no navigation feature, just paperless cache details and logging.

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