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BCaching 0.9.2

No major changes.
– bug fix (duplicate entries in recent finds)
– mongodb client updated to latest version
– munzee experimentations are over and dropped from the system (nobody was using the feature and it wasn’t working as well as I’d hoped)

The yearly renewal date is coming up for the main VPS and since the cost is a bit high I’m looking into migrating to a smaller/cheaper environment. Currently we’re running on a Windows 2008 R2 server with 4GB RAM, 80 GB disk, and 2 CPUs. Windows has been my target environment from the beginning but I’ve been using linux here and there over the years and I think it’s time I took advantage of its potential cost savings at least for some of the application components.

Currently the system is made of the following components:
– MongoDB database and filesystem for data storage
– Perl scripts for email
– Python scripts for release management
– Windows Service (C#) for background processing (GPX files, cache quality scoring, GCVote loading)
– ASP.Net (C#) for main web site
– PHPbb + MySql for forums

The data storage, perl scripts, and forums can be moved fairly easily to a linux server that would be about a third of the cost of the current windows server. The windows service and ASP.Net web site still require a Windows server, but since the data storage consists of 90% of the disk requirements, I could migrate to a smaller and cheaper windows VPS instance.

The main bcaching UI has not changed in quite a while, but there are some really nice new technologies available for building modern websites that I’ve been using at my “real job” or experimenting with on the side and when I can find the time I’m hoping to redesign and rebuild.

In the meantime, keep enjoying the site and keep on caching!