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Server Outage

The hosting provider for is experiencing issues with the database server and is actively working to bring it back online.

I will post updates here as they become available.

15:15 MST: Root cause was an issue with the database server RAID hardware (guess it was hardware related after all!) The solution involved RAID card replacement, RAID and Motherboard BIOS updates, and a full filesystem checkdisk. Although the site is back online, the DB server is running a RAID rebuild which may slow performance somewhat.

15:10 MST: Server is coming back online now.

14:50 MST: Doesn’t appear to be a hardware error. There was disk corruption error in a database log file (not the bcaching database).


BCaching Release 0.6

The latest release has been completed and includes some cool new features including Custom Waypoints, Desktop Map “Universal Search”, Mobile Coordinates Conversion, Geolocation support, and more!

See the forum post for full details

Upcoming Release

I’ve been busy working on a bunch of features lately so the upcoming release is a bit more significant in scope than earlier ones have been. As a consequence the chance of bugs and issues associated with the release are increased as well.

Unfortunately my testing team currently consists of … well, myself and I would appreciate any help I could get from a few real users before I unleash a big mess on everyone. So if you would be interested in participating in some pre-release testing, jump over to the forum post for more details.