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BCaching Release 0.6.6

Another small update, full details here.

Biggest new feature is MOBILE MAP VIEW … with a catch. It only works on Android and iPhone devices. Sorry Blackberry users! As soon as the blackberry browser gets a little better (webkit maybe?) it should be supported too.  Mobile Map View is very similar to Desktop Map view with the cache overlay. There is a new “Map” link to it on the Mobile Find nearest caches page — IF you’re on an Android or iPhone device.  If you’re using something else and want to try it on your phone, navigate to If it works for your device let me know and I’ll add the link for that device as well.

The new map view is based on version 3 of the Google Maps API which now has support for mobile devices.


BCaching Release 0.6.5

Another minor update tonight. Full details here.

Most interesting (in my opinion) is MUCH better support for touch screen devices. I’ve been able to test it on a Motorola Droid and Blackberry Storm, but I’d love to hear some feedback on how it looks on some other mobile browsers… like iPhone, Palm Pre, Windows Mobile and what about  Nokia, and LG touch screen browsers?