Free space and repaired database

On Sunday I ordered a new VPS that has more disk and RAM (80GB/4GB vs 40GB/2GB), but less redundancy for a few less dollars. The database server has been migrated over and was reloaded/repaired. It’s also running on the latest version of the software with journaling enabled which should significantly reduce the chance of data corruption in the future.

You may have noticed that GPX file processing is now running behind schedule. It’s not because the pocket queries were backed up, but because the GPX processing is still running on the old machine and the geographical mismatch of the two servers has increased the latency, causing the processing to run a bit slower. GPX processing is database intensive and runs best when it is “near” the database server. Since the database server and GPX processing are now on separate machines, one of which is in Denver and the other in Chicago it’s taking longer than usual. I will be moving the GPX processing to the Database machine in the next day or two so processing speed should improve then.

Update 3/11/2012: Finished migrating web application, autogpx processing, etc. over to the new VPS and processing time is back to normal.


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