Release 0.8

It’s been a while since there was a major bcaching release. There are two new features:

  • Add support for geocaching Cache Attributes. Note that you must set your GPX version to 1.0.1 or later for cache attributes to be included. You can set the preference on your account details page. Cache attributes are displayed on the mobile cache details page.
  • Add support for Metric distance units. You can set your preference on your bcaching profile page or in the mobile options page.

The most significant change is a migration of the database from MySql to MongoDB. It may not sound like much, but it required a major rewrite of a lot of behind-the-scenes logic and some reorganization of the data model.

Due to limited server resources (disk space), it was not possible to migrate all the finder logs at once so logs are still being retrieved from MySql for now and they will be migrated gradually over the next week or two. During that period the synchronization process with Geobeagle/Geohunter/OpenGPX may be a little slower since logs are being retrieved from both databases, but performance will be better overall once the migration is complete.

There were a lot of changes and the risk of bugs and issues is high so please be on the lookout for any problems and report them on the forums.


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