BCaching Stats June 2010

Still growing. Especially with usage from the latest mobile apps

* 546 users uploaded 2 or more PQs and visited the site in the past 30 days.
* Over 400 PQs were processed per day on average over the past few weeks.

Overall site traffic is increasing.
* Feb 2010: 69,064 hits
* Mar 2010: 94,328 hits
* Apr 2010: 143,208 hits
* May 2010: 168,026 hits
* June 2010: 258,572 hits (partial)

There is a lot of activity coming from mobile apps these days, with the majority from GeoBeagle (over 500 users). GeoHunter, Blackstar, and OpenGPX all appear to have in the 100 – 200 user range, and GeOrg around 50 users. One of these days I’ll try to nail down more detailed stats about them.

Database size is about 4.4 GB with over 850 thousand caches (which includes 70,000 archived) and over 11 million cache logs.

What about site response time? Not so good… Only 77% of requests were under 3 seconds. Another 18% of requests took between 3 and 15 seconds (too long) and 5% of requests took a whopping 65 seconds on average!! It appears that many of the slower responses were for mobile app synchronization API requests and not so much the main application but clearly there needs to be some improvements.

The past several weeks have been spent on some new features, a few bug fixes, and some performance improvements. Since moving the database to a dedicate server, it is now possible to record exactly which queries take too long and that helps to bring the problem areas into focus. Unfortunately though it will still be a few weeks yet before the next release.

We are going to be vacationing in Seattle, WA for this year’s GeoWoodstock VIII MegaEvent over the next few weeks and plan to put the new release through its paces during the trip. If all goes well there will be a new release shortly after our return.

If you’re also planning to attend the event, maybe we’ll see you there. We’ll even have a couple bcaching t-shirts to give away (only two, talk about limited supplies!). If you’d like to purchase a bcaching t-shirt or some other merchandise, we’ve set up a cafepress store here: http://www.cafepress.com/bcaching.

Keep on caching.


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  1. geocass on

    An amazing project, very glad I stumbled upon it (From http://www.geocachingonline.com/) I’m currently in the process of reviewing GeoCaching software/websites on my blog, and have just finished my review of yours (http://geocass.wordpress.com/2010/07/11/bcaching-com-review/). It was very positive as I was so impressed. Thank you for all the hard work that you have obviously put in. If you’d like to add any comments to it that I’ve missed out for my readers to see, feel free. Would you be interested in a link exchange? I’ve already listed you in my site links section.

    Thanks again! 🙂

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