Database Migration Complete

The database migration from the shared hosting environment to the dedicated Virtual Private Server (VPS) environment was started at 10:30 PM EDT and completed before 11:00 PM with no surprises. Both the main database and forum database reside there now with plenty of room to grow.

For those with some database background, you may be interested to know that the new database server has been set up with replication to a “live backup” server which means the main production database will no longer require nightly cpu and io consuming backups.

The web server is still running in the shared hosting environment for now.


1 comment so far

  1. hakan on

    Excellent. Many thanks for providing this service to the community, and doing it for free on top of it.

    I was just about to send you a small donation to help with the hosting costs, but can’t find any donation information on the main site. Do you want / need any support?


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