BCaching Stats April 2010

Wow. Last month saw a significant increase in membership and site use.

* 358 users uploaded 2 or more PQs in the past 30 days. A 57% increase from a month ago.
* Over 250 PQs are processed per day (was 190 a month ago).

Some new stats:
* 145 Blackstar Navigation app (Blackberry) users requesting nearest caches
* 58 GeOrg app (Android) users viewing and downloading nearby caches

Overall site traffic is increasing.
* Feb 2010: 69,064 hits
* Mar 2010: 94,328 hits
* Apr 2010: 110,413 hits (only 3/4 into the month)

With that in mind, how are the response times?
– 95% of the requests took under 3 seconds with 87% at an average of 0.25 seconds. Not bad
– 4% took under 10 seconds
– 1% took over 10 seconds

Database size is about 2.4 GB with just under 500,000 caches and just under 7,000,000 cache logs.


2 comments so far

  1. Anders Petersson on

    500,000 caches sounds like a lot. gc.com has just over a million caches so unless you count some other way than unique caches, almost half of all caches are in the bcaching database.

  2. mark on

    It is a lot, but I should have been more specific. gc.com has just over a million *active* caches. I assume that means “not archived” and includes temporarily disabled.

    To be more specific, Bcaching currently has in its online database:
    – 514,163 caches total
    – 481,825 caches not archived
    – 467,569 active caches not archived or temporarily disabled
    In order for them to be in the active database they must have been uploaded from a PQ generated in the past 30 days, so these numbers include caches that may have been archived in the past 30 days as well.

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