BCaching Stats

Here’s another stats update – back by popular demand!

* There are a total of over 600 registered users that have uploaded PQs.
* 227 of those users have uploaded PQs in the past 30 days.
* About 190 PQs are being uploaded and processed per day.

Over the past few months the database grew to 2.9 GB which was worrisome since the current hosting plan allows for a max of 3 GB. It was time to either pay to upgrade the disk space or hunker down and see if we couldn’t do some belt tightening.

Based on the data license agreement between bcaching.com and Groundspeak, users are only allowed access to caches they’ve uploaded in the past 30 days. However, until now we had never put together a database maintenance plan to clean up old data for which users no longer have access. Turns out those inaccessible caches were taking a sizable chunk of space. After a partial cleanup the database size dropped to a comfortable 2 GB. So we now have an automated database maintenance plan that runs nightly to clean up that data.

A quick analysis of mobile web requests over the past 6 weeks shows an average of 1300 requests per week. It is still dominated by Blackberry with 70% of requests. That’s followed by Android devices with 23% and Windows Mobile at 4%. The rest of the requests are spread across various devices and browsers including Opera Mini (unknown device), Palm webos, LG, Samsung, and iPhone.

In addition, there’s an average of 315 mobile API requests per week loading data (presumably into Blackstar for Blackberry devices since that’s the only app I’m aware of that is using the API).

Web response times are still pretty good with 88% averaging .25 seconds (about same as last time I measured). 96.5% took less than 6 seconds. Less than 1% took over 20 seconds.


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  1. agtitan on

    Thanks for everything! I love my bcaching with BlackStar! I’d be lost without it! 🙂

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