Server Outage

You may have noticed BCaching is down Saturday morning (the worst possible time?). The hosting provider had some scheduled maintenance this morning that was supposed to be relatively short but they ran into some unforeseen difficulties. Rest assured they are working to restore the server as soon as possible. I apologize for the inconvenience.

– Update 5:30 pm

Yes, the site is still down. Turns out there was a RAID disk controller failure during the migration from the old disks to the new disks (the new disks were the scheduled maintenance). When the controller failed it caused some corruption and the only way to get the system back up and running is with a “bare metal restore”. As of 3pm MST it had been running for over 6 hours and was 87% complete.

– Update 6:30 pm

And it’s back!! They are proceeding with the disk migration which may cause things to respond a little slower than usual but everything should be functional again.  We cached all day **without** bcaching… it was painful.


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  1. FH5 on

    So that explains it all. I was out caching, trying out bcaching for the first time, but then the gateway is protesting. I’ll try it again in the field again soon.

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