Garmin Custom Waypoint Symbols

You can use BCaching to send geocaching waypoints to your Garmin device using custom geocaching waypoint symbols that differentiate cache type (Traditional, Multi-Cache, Mystery Cache, Letterbox, etc.) using the following symbol set:

Custom Symbols

First you must load the custom symbols onto your device (see below), then to use the custom symbols, go to the BCaching Desktop Map View, find the location you want to use as the center of the geocache data to load. Click [Send to Garmin Device] at the bottom of the page, then choose [Custom Waypoint Symbols] and follow the rest of the instructions on that page to finish.

Note that using Custom symbols will limit the Geocaching “functionality” built into some Garmin devices since only one symbol can be designated as a  “Geocache” that can be marked “Found”. If you want to retain that functionality for all geocache types then don’t use this feature. If you want to designate one of the custom symbols as a Geocache (such as the symbol for Traditional since they’re the most common), use the the Geocache Setup function on your device (on the 60CSx: Find => Geocache => Menu => Geocache Setup) and change the Find symbol.

Loading Symbols onto your Garmin Device

  1. To load the custom symbols into your Garmin device, you must first download and install Garmin’s xImage utility (for Windows 2000 or later only).
  2. Then download the Custom Waypoint Symbols ZIP file and extract them to a temporary folder on your computer.
  3. Connect your Garmin device to your computer and turn it on.
  4. Run the xImage program and click [Next] on the Welcome page.
  5. On the Device Settings page, click [Find Device] to identity and select your device, then click [Next].
  6. Click [Send images to the GPS] and click [Next].
  7. Click [Select All] to highlight all Waypoint Symbols then click [Next].
  8. Browse for and select the Custom Waypoint Symbols folder from where you extracted the ZIP file and click [OK]. xImage will then send the images to your device.
  9. Click [Finish] to exit.

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