BCaching Release 0.5

Release 0.5 includes a few new Desktop Map features (no mobile enhancements with this release)

  • Desktop Map now includes a Filter panel that allows filtering of geocache types, containers, terrain, difficulty and more.
  • You can now download a summary GPX file (up to 999 waypoints) based on the current filter. The GPX file may be used in Google Earth or to send to your GPS device. The summary includes additional waypoints, but it does not include descriptions or logs. Enter the maximum number of waypoints (default is 500) and click the [Download GPX] button at the bottom of the Desktop Map page.
  • You can also send cache data directly to your Garmin device using the Garmin Communicator web plug-in. It also uses the current filter and sends the same information that would be sent in the GPX file. To begin, click the [Send to Garmin Device] button at the bottom of the Desktop Map page.

If you encounter any issues, please post them on the forum.

– Update 7.28.2009

This wasn’t quite ready last week, but now you can also send waypoints to your Garmin using Custom Waypoint Symbols that represent cache type: traditional, multi, letterbox, mystery, etc. See the follow-up post for details.

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