BCaching Statistics July’09

I posted a few updates over the past couple months and growth has been steady. The application updates included:

  • Handling special characters (like colon ‘:’) in usernames
  • Using a mobile profiles database to determine if javascript is supported or not
  • Added a Google Maps view (for desktop browsers, not mobile) that shows all your unfound caches in an overlay. Similar to the one on geocaching.com but seems a bit faster. The geocaching.com one also lets you select search criteria and this one does not… yet. I used to use google earth to explore area caches, but now I use this most of the time.
  • Alternate mobile style sheet for larger mobile screens (like BB Storm, Android or iPhone) to show text bigger and make it easier to click links if it’s a touch screen.

User activity on the site has been growing.

  • 218 users have completed activation with a “My Finds” pocket query. That’s about 50 new users per month over the past 3 months.
  • 147 users have uploaded additional pocket queries to make the site usable for them.
  • 40 of those users have been active on bcaching in the past 30 days.
  • The database has grown to 675 MB.
  • 216,260 caches.
  • 1,177,336 cache logs.

BCaching users are from all over the world based on the locations of uploaded cache data.

  • 56 countries are represented with the majority of cache data from the United States (164,693), followed by Germany (17,344), Canada (11,947), the U.K. (8,454), and Belgium (3,449).

Keep on caching paperless!


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