Emergency BCaching Patch

As a few of you noticed, all of the sudden today your Pocket Query uploads were failing. I thought I had the PQ issues finally resolved with the last release so you can imagine my reaction. What now!??

Turns out that Groundspeak did a major upgrade to .Net 3.5 and the new XML writer used by the PQ generator produces slightly different XML. It is still VALID XML, just a little different.

The BCaching parsing logic did not handle a couple of those differences, and it wasn’t the only system with problems. Older versions of GSAK, CacheMate, among others were also choking on the new version.

Fortunately, the Groundspeak lackeys are on the ball and quickly churned out a change or two that cleared up some of the issues. But BCaching was just not handling some valid XML syntax correctly so I had to make some changes as well.

There is a thread on the Groundspeak forums if you’re interested.

As for those BCaching PQ uploads that failed earlier today, they have now been processed successfully.

Keep on cachin’… er, bcachin’


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