BCaching Statistics Apr’09

There has been a lot of growth at BCaching in the last month.

  • 190 total signups, 67 of which have completed their activation with a “My Finds” pocket query and 48 which have loaded additional pocket queries.
  • 41 users have been active in the past 30 days. That’s almost a 7-times increase from last month! Probably a lot of the growth is related to BlackStar users.
  • 77,869 caches (99% increase)
  • 376,195 cache logs (63% increase)
  • Database size: about 230 MB (77% increase)

Despite the growth, the (new) server response time has been very good. I have yet to see a mobile nearby caches find or filtered find that takes longer than 0.2 seconds and with the migration to the new database server, the timeout errors have disappeared completely.


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