New Hosting Provider

I’m happy to report that I’ve selected a new hosting provider for and after some performance and “burn-in” testing the results are good!

The warm-start response times for various pages on the web site are consistently 30-40% better nearly every time and the cold-start response times don’t even compare.

This morning the old site was sluggish and timing out once again so I took the opportunity to take the site offline and migrate the database to the new database server. I brought the old web server back online pointing to the NEW database server and it appears to be running smoothly.

I still have to migrate the forum to the new site, but I should be able to finish that up over the next couple days and then I’ll update the DNS name servers to point to the new web server as well.


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  1. mark on

    I updated the nameservers for this morning to point to the new web and mail servers. DNS updates can take up to 24 hrs to propogate everywhere. Please be patient if you encounter any difficulties.

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