BCaching Database Timeouts

This morning I noticed BCaching was responding sluggishly (again), and the mobile find nearest page failed every time with a mysql database timeout error. After the outage had lasted over an hour I finally contacted my hosting service, webhost4life.com, to see what the deal was.

I provided documentation from the application logs that showed database timeouts at different times over the past few months. Usually the timeouts occurred in the morning, and continued to occur for 10-30 minutes at most after I noticed the issue. Today was especially troublesome because it lasted over an hour and a half. Normally these pages respond in seconds, or less.

The chat-support person did not have the security required to investigate a database issue so a ticket was opened.

A half hour later there was still no response from tech support but at that time the database started responding within normal limits. I posted a note on the ticket to that effect.

An hour after the ticket was opened I received a response indicating that the site appeared to be working fine and could I check to make sure all was well. Since I knew it was working I referred to my previous message and asked for an explanation and since it was a recurring problem, could I get my database moved to a shared server that was a little less loaded.

Several hours later I finally got an answer: database backups. The slowdowns that occur and result in application timeouts because the database is too busy is from backups. I’m not sure why backups have to run as late as 10:30 am Eastern, but apparently they do. The complete answer is this:

Hi, I have checked the log on the server. Our server was doing backup of the databases. The server is a little slow when it is doing backup. I am sorry it cannot be avoided. We need to backup the database and it is the same on all of our servers. The speed is fine in other time. Thank you for your understanding.

So now I’m looking for a different hosting provider that knows how to manage their mysql database servers better and supports asp.net.

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  1. tboehm30 on

    You need to name names. Other people and companies may want to avoid this hosting company.

    Also, there’s a chance that some smart high up person will see their company name and decide to do something about it.

    Just a thought.

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