BCaching Release “Orlando”

Introducing the latest release of BCaching.com, “Orlando”.

The past month has been spent on the development of some cool new features, usability improvements, bug fixes, and field testing and since most of the field testing was done on vacation in Orlando, Florida it takes its release codename from there. I hope you enjoy the improved navigation (clicking, not driving), Inventory management, and field notes headers features.

mobile-deviceMobile navigation enhancements

– New menu at top of all pages for quick access to Find nearest caches, recent field notes, trackables inventory, and most recently viewed cache detail.

– Find page shows current center by name or coords.

– Cache list shows container size (micro, small, Regular, Large, Unknown, Not specified, or Virtual) as well as difficulty and terrain.

NEW Inventory Management feature

– Lookup details on travel bugs and geocoins by tag number.

– View current contents of field inventory.

– Track pickups, grabs, discovers, and drops in caches.

Field Notes Enhancements

– Manage multiple field notes on the same cache.

– Track and include “Find Number” and time of find in each cache log (note: a new My Finds pocket query will be required to get the current find number in sync with gc.com).

– Recurring header text can be included in each cache log before the body text.

– Trackable items from field inventory can be checked for drop-off.

Other Improvements and Fixes

– Reorganized UI for improved usability. Most links appear at the top of each page for quick access.

– Additional links to gc.com at the bottom of cache details page for full cache detail and cache owner profile page in addition to the lower-bandwidth print view, instant cache logging, and nearby cache list.

– Coordinates entry fields work now!

– Filter now allows search for caches found, not found, or BOTH.

– Performance improvements when loading nearby caches (Find) or cache details.

– Timeout issue during large pocket query uploads fixed (web page appeared to hang during upload).

– Upload support for individual GPX files downloaded from gc.com Cache Details page.

– Pocket query processing changed to lower priority to prevent from slowing down other site activity.

– For Blackberry users, Cache Details page can launch view of waypoint on both Blackberry Maps and Google Mobile Maps.

– New BCaching API with preliminary support for native clients

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